Acupuncture for Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a period of fabulous change and growth. Our lives are changing and so are our bodies! Acupuncture during pregnancy provides mothers with a safe and natural form of health care that allows the nurturing of the emotional and physical changes that happen during this time.

Some of these changes can bring with them uncomfortable symptoms and many women suffer without realising there are safe and effective alternatives available. Acupuncture can be used safely in pregnancy to relieve these symptoms and help to increase health and wellness.

morning sickness acupuncture

when can acupuncture help during pregnancy?

First Trimester

The successful treatment of morning sickness by acupuncture, including nausea and vomiting are one of the most medically researched topics of acupuncture during pregnancy. In studies of over 1100 women it has been shown that acupuncture helps decrease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting and increases appetite. We find it best to have acupuncture as soon as you start experiencing morning sickness in pregnancy.

Second Trimester

Acupuncture is an effective and safe way of treating insomnia, especially during this phase of pregnancy when it’s better to avoid strong medication. Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for anxiety, depression and irritability which affect around 15-20 percent of pregnant women. We can also treat the symptoms of haemorrhoids, edema (swelling) and heartburn, relieving these common symptoms and allowing you to fully enjoy your pregnancy.

Third Trimester

Geared towards preparing for labour and delivery, treatment in the third trimester includes combining acupuncture and moxa to encourage breech babies to turn from week 32 onwards, inducing overdue mothers to help avoid heavy medication or compulsory c-sections, as well as relieving physical symptoms such as backache, sciatica and pelvic pain caused by carrying a heavy weight through the final stages of your pregnancy.


"I cannot recommend Darren highly enough. He is caring, kind and professional. We were about to have an appointment for IVF but didn't need to! Without going into lots of personal details, Darren correctly located the problem without me having been specific and we conceived the next month have a wonderful baby girl x"
"Darren has a very calming manner and immediately puts you at ease. I felt lovely for the rest of the evening following acupuncture and generally was a lot less stressed. The result, I am happy to say, is that I got pregnant that month. I would highly recommend Darren to anyone who is interested in fertility acupuncture. It was a lovely experience and, fortunately for me, a lovely outcome."
"My partner and I had been trying for a baby for just over a year and were starting to consider IVF.  A friend recommended that we’d go and see Darren and I am very pleased to say that after 3 months I was pregnant with our baby boy now 18 months.  We are so very grateful to Darren for helping us and would recommend him warmly to anybody."

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