Acupuncture for Emotional issues

Emotional and psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and Insomnia inhibit our ability to function and enjoy our lives. Research shows acupuncture can have a positive effect on these problems, get in touch and let us help you restore balance.

“All treatment must be based on the Spirit”

"凡 刺 之 法 先 必 本 于 神"


Acupuncture for stress helps to alleviate stress-related conditions ranging from headaches to high blood pressure. Most people experience a feeling of relaxation and well-being during treatments and after treatments and with regular sessions this can extend into our daily lives.


Acupuncture for anxiety can help reduce the sensations experienced when feeling anxious such as tight chest, rapid heartbeat, digestive problems, headaches and insomnia. It also helps to reduce the emotional aspects and calm the mind. 


Research shows that chinese herbal medicine when combined with acupuncture can be effective at alleviating the physical and emotional symptoms of depression. 


Acupuncture helps in both cases of chronic and mild insomnia. We begin taking a full history of your sleep and the create a treatment tailored your individual’s needs.

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