What is Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine can be combined with acupuncture to maximise the therapeutic results. Chinese herbal medicine’s history goes back thousands of years, it has been refined and improved over many generations by the brightest doctors in china and the result is now one of the most sophisticated systems in the world.  

Traditional chinese medicine takes into account the individual as a whole, taking into consideration the cause, symptoms, their individual constitution, emotional landscape and the environmental factors. 

All the formulas are bespoke and made by hand specifically for you to and are designed to treat the precise phase of the client’s condition to maximize the chance for health success. If you choose to take herbs, we provide you with a very convenient granulated herbal concentrate to which you simply add boiling water and drink. 

“leave your crucibles on the shelf and let food be your medicine”


Chinese herbal medicine has a holistic approach to understanding the healthy function of the body, how it can become out of balance which can lead to disease and it focuses as much on preventing illness as it does treating it.

Almost all illnesses or imbalances have a recognisable set of signs and symptoms, however the actual presentation of these will vary from person to person.

In western medicine if you take two patients with the similar symptoms they will often both receive the same diagnosis and the same medication. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine we treat the whole person, this means that people with a very similar health condition can be diagnosed as having a unique and completely different pattern and prescription. 

While two patients with different diseases from a western point of view can receive the same treatment if Chinese medicine deems their patterns to be the same. 

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